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Fullscript Store

Find your favorite nutritional supplements in one place! The AFW Favorites List contains some of the doctors top choices. Our Fullscript store includes some of our favorite products and formulas from Nutritional Frontiers, Designs for Health, Klaire Labs, Ora Organics, Genexa, Sovereign Silver, and more!

The best part? Save 10% on retail prices when you shop with our link!

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Nutritional Frontiers - Online Store

Nutritional Frontiers is a family-owned, faith-based Pittsburgh company with a committed mission to “Making the World Healthy.” They source the best ingredients and create unique formulations to improve patient outcomes.

All Nutritional Frontiers formulas are 100% guaranteed to meet label claim!

  • Use therapeutic dosing

  • Have bioactive forms of ingredients

  • Leverage Patented Research Trademark Ingredients

  • Do Not Contain ANY Toxic Ingredients

Healthy Living Links

Use Dr. Kelly's Linktree link to shop some of her favorite starting points into a more health conscious lifestyle! The products we typically have the most exposure to on a daily basis include: cleaning products, makeup and skincare, deodorant, and EMFs! This link will connect you to Dr. Kelly's top choices!

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