Remedy Testing

Discover your level of Health with Comprehensive Hair Analysis!

The cells in our body store an immense amount of information. Just about everything we come into contact with daily is stored within bioenergetic fields around us. This includes, but is not limited to any food sensitivities, toxins, emotions, and stressors. The good news is we can access all of the information stored in our body through our hair!

Remedy Testing uses a biofeedback machine that uses quantum technology based on the patents and technologies of physicist, Nikola Tesla. This technology scans the energetic fields from the hair samples during testing and then determines where the stressors are to create a 100% natural regimen that communicates and stimulates the immune system to self-balance.

This technology uses a multi-layered approach: Energetic, Spiritual, Emotional, Chemical and Physical. Being able to discover the stressors in our body can help you navigate your internal response and develop a sense of how to move in a positive direction. Once stressors are discovered, Remedy Testing uses balancing frequency nutrition, guided emotional insight & teachings, remote chakra balancing and color tuning, along with a team of healthcare practitioners ready to help and serve you.

This entire process is quick and painless! When you receive your hair collection kit from Dr. Kelly Amorose, you'll activate your test by scanning the QR Code on your test and completing a brief Health Survey. This test can be performed on any age, and even your pets! Once your hair sample arrives at our testing site, we capture your energetic blueprint from your hair and then upload your profile into Quantum Response Software for testing. Your results will be done in 7-14 business days and reviewed by Dr. Kelly Amorose. Along with the complete report, there will also be Balancing Remedies that were found to be specifically tested for you to bring your imbalanced markers into better alignment. After this initial test, you are able to purchase any additional tests on demand through our Remedy Testing website.